Friday, May 19, 2006

It's there!

Ok, our packet has officially made it to Chicago! Since the courier takes every Friday off to volunteer at her daughters' school, she'll probaby walk it in to the consulate on Monday! Then, we'll look for it to come home to us by Thursday or Friday of next week!

In between time, please post a note to Tony to remind him to GET THAT PARENT WORKBOOK DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keep an eye on that ticker across the top!
Only 2 dozen more days till Dossier Day!



mom said...

hey girlfriend, do u want the good or bad news first? toooo bad i get to choose.heh heh heh. the good news.......the lady bug is still keepen on across the page so nothing really changes, right ?n now for the bad news hummmmm, i don;t think there is any bad news, so tony get to reading and compleating that parent workbook. you know rett can yell loud . good luck all and happy thoughts and bunches of prayers for our abby girls homecoming. love and hugs from retts mom n dad sadler

Tony and Rett said...

What parent workbook? - Tony

Anonymous said...

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