Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Jeopardy music

Does anyone else hear that Jeopardy music? Da da da da da da daaahhhh.....It's the sound of WAITING...waiting on our fingerprint reports to see if they were acceptable or rejected. Hopefully we'll hear something by the end of this week!

Ok, here's the latest list of to do:

  • Finish workbooks. (Tony is halfway through his, and I'm on the LAST section!)
  • Take one more picture of our downstairs (They need three interior pictures, I only have two)
  • Get our 117H fingerprint form/approval
  • Get them state sealed
  • Get them authenticated

On the political home front....you better vote today! If you don't vote, I don't want to hear your mouth complaining about the government! How's that for SADLER?


1 comment:

mom said...

woo hoo , heh heh is that how you say it.sounds like you are on your way to getting most things done. well maybe not your workbooks so get them done , OK?. and by the way , didn;t vote, can;t make me and i will still b mouthy. so how did u like them apples.gots ta say what i gots ta say, anyway love you all , mom n dad sadler