Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Ok, prayers please!

We officially sent everything to Chicago via the courier today! Please pray that it makes it there, gets it's authentication completed, and arrives back home to us next week. Pray that neither the courier nor the embassy find anything wrong on the documents and all processing goes smoothly.

This is it kiddos. This is our last step before we organize it all and send it off to FTIA and then on to China. Can you feel the excitement?

Let's not talk about the wait time once we send everything in...let's just be happy we've come this far, God's provided a clear path, and our Abby girl is one step closer to home...to her forever family!




mom said...

god is good n you and yours are always in our prayers. the lady bug is also getting closter to your forever family, and lets pray for the ladybug and our abby girl to get a move on . it is getting so exciting now that almost everything is in order and being sent out. praise god. smily faces and happy thoughts for all. love always and forever mom and dad sadler

Kyna mom said...

I copied and emailed a copy of this blog to our pastors, so they can be praying too.
The more I read this the more I want to cry, in fact I'm having trouble seeing through my glasses now.
This is such an exciting time and even greater a blessing to our family. Love you!

Anonymous said...

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