Saturday, May 13, 2006

Ok OK One more BIG STEP

WHOO HOO!!!! State seals are officially in place! Tony was able to take some time to run to Indy on Friday afternoon and get that done. They attach a form to the front of each document and then put a gold seal over the top edge to hold both papers together. They look SO OFFICIAL and SO pretty! Now the last big step is to get them authenticated in Chicago. We'll hopefully get them sent out early this week. Once they're back, we organize everything and send it on! WHOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! LESS THAN A MONTH TO GO! (check out the ladybug!)

Thanks for the prayers everyone. My mom is doing better, and Mindy and Anna are chugging right along. Also, thanks for the prayers for me. My neck is mending as long as I keep those muscle relaxers coming!

I want to wish a Happy Mother's Day to all who have children, who want children, who are waiting for children, or those who just feel like a mother to the children they teach or know.

We love you all lots!



mom said...

thanks all for prayers, for me and rett and also anna and mindy. was so needed for all. Now to all mothers every where...HAPPY MOTHERS DAY AND TO SOME THAT WILL BE NEW MOTHERS A LOUD HAPPY HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO U ALSO. GLAD everything is rite on targrt for our abby girl . just love to see lady bug moving. happy mothers day and may god bless all. always and forever , rett;s parents , or better known as mom n dad sadler

kristy said...

Signed, sealed, delivered! Everything is moving right along! I am so happy for you! Keep on keepin' on and maybe next Mother's Day, you'll be celebrating with a precious little Abby-girl!

Anonymous said...

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