Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Ok, our documents were submitted to the Consulate on May 22. Our courier emailed to say that she wouldn't email again until she sent them back to us via Fed Ex on May 26. Soooooo, our life will only hang in the balance for 2 more days. Pray that they find everything in order, stamp them, and send them back successfully! Good thing is, God is in control! How do people get through this process that don't believe in God?



mom said...

hey sweetie pie, don:t you know have too believe to relIEVE,,, stress, pain, hurt, ect.and you have too beLIEVE to receive ....many answered prayers and many many blessings with a few miracles thrown in. so keep beliEVEING and god will prevail and our abby girl IS ON HER WAY AS WE SPEAK OR E-MAIL IN THIS CASE. P.S.FORGOT TO USE SPELL CHECK, SRY.LOVE ALWAYS AND FOREVER , MOM AND DAD SADLER

Tiffany Hill said...

Oh MY, I haven't read in so long, I feel like there has been such a huge progression for you! I am so happy to hear of all the forward movement~ My thoughts have been with you every day even though I rarely post it. I want to extend my prayers to the Day family and to the best Aunt ever (Auntie M) I Love you guys! Rett the big 3-0 will be soooooo much cooler for you! Tony, what a good man, always putting our husbands to shame! On a side note, the whole time I read about the documents in transit, I saw Doug Heffernin carrying them with a look of responsible determination (shout out to all the King of Queens fans) Go Doug! Soooo guys, I love you and will continue to pray for health and happiness and strength for ALL~!!! xoxo Tiff

Anonymous said...

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