Monday, December 07, 2009

Memorial Box Monday-10-Speed

A few posts ago, I told you about the wonderful memories I have of Christmas.  I want to tell you a story about that.  I'm including it in my Memorial Box because, well, because I want to and there are no rules.  This was a situation where Jesus blessed me with parents that wanted to keep the innocence and magic of Christmas alive for me as long as possible. 

I was probably in junior high this one particular Christmas.  Sixth grade, maybe.  I remember not really "believing" Santa existed, but wanting to hold on to that excitement and idea that he just might.  I went to bed on Christmas Eve.  My bedroom was just off the living room.  I remember at one point waking up to go to the restroom.  As I walked through the living room, I looked at the tree.  It was so pretty, all lit up.  (Side note:  ever since I was little, I would sleep out on the couch or floor at least one night during the holiday season so I could fall asleep with the Christmas tree lights on.  I'd look over the tree and try to memorize what that year's tree looked like, and reflect on the year, etc.  I STILL do this.)

Anyway, my parents were nestled all snug in their beds and everything was quiet.  I checked out the loot under the tree and realized it was the same that was there when I went to bed.  "Santa" hadn't come yet. 

I went on to the restroom and when I returned (guessing about three minutes later), there was a pink and gray 10-speed bike propped up behind/beside the tree!  I stood there and gawked at the bike. That bike had NOT just been there.  My parents WERE asleep.  I checked!  Where in the world? 

The next day I retold the story to my parents.  They just shook their heads and smiled.  They claimed they did NOT put the bike there.  They reminded me I had seen them asleep. 

Now, the rational adult in me is like, "Uh, Rett.  They lied.  They put that there while you were in the restroom." or "It was there, you just didn't see it."   But the child in me hangs on to what my mom always said  "Santa exists inside you.  It's Christmas spirit that counts."  Therefore, this time, I'm listening to that little child.  Santa brought me that bike.  It was a magical Christmas that came at a time where I could have simply stopped believing.  My parents chose to help me hold onto that magic, even only for one more year.

Do you have any stories like that?  Magical moments? 

Or, what is one favorite family tradition you have?  We have many many things, but I'll share two quick ones.  Come Dec. 1, I'm allowed to ask my mom for a hint about one of my gifts.  I can get one hint per day.  The thing is, my mom's hints are always WAY out there, but DEAD on at the same time.  They're riddleish.  SO FUN!  I remember one was, "It goes around and around but never stops."  It was a watch!  Mom, when you read this, um, you owe me seven hints!  Hahaha, oh wait, I KNOW what I'm getting!  Darn!

The second tradition is that my dad always plays Santa at our family gatherings.  He dons the red hat and is the one to distribute the gifts to everyone else.  He never gets to open his own  until everyone else is done.  That says a lot about him.  Everyone else enjoy it first...he can wait.


Now, tell me about your magical memories or traditions!



Anonymous said...

Wow! You never stop amazing me with your memories and the way they come to life. My memories are just as good. I remember just the other day seeing a pair of suede tennis shoes and it took me back a lifetime ago. I got that same feeling like I was looking down at my own feet with my brand new shoes on for the very first time! I was 13 or 14 again! Oh that feeling! Mom and Dad you are the greatest! You always made sure we had what we thought we couldn't live without! I love you guys! And my sisters and brother are pretty fantastic too! Love ya Rett..keep on writing! "the middle child" lol

Adeye said...

Oh my goodness, you are just so blessed, my friend. You have such awesome memories, and such an incredible family. I LOVE how beautifully you share your precious memories.

You are a GIFTED writer. Can you give me some lessons????

Anonymous said...

I remember the year I questioned my mom about Santa and her response to me was "When you stop believing he stops coming." That is all it took, I still believe! Oh what fun it is to have some magic in your life!
A memory that I have is when the Cabbage P. Kids came out and I got two that year! (This was the year that my dad had started working at Draper!) How times change!
A tradition is that we always watch A Christmas Story on Christmas Eve and watch it on Christmas morning too! I never get tired of that movie. Thanks for making me relive those memories!


Anonymous said...

Dear lil girlie,Thanks for the best memories. What a great family I have been blessed with and great kids so lets always keep our hearts open to the magic of christmas and remember...WITH GOD IN OUR LIVES, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. EVEN SANTA....LISTEN;IS THAT A STRANGE SOUND I HEAR..............LOVE YOU ALL TO THE MOON AND BACK. MOM

Anonymous said...

Christmas at Granny's was always magical! I always looked forward to it. I remember her packing hints in your lunch and I was all jealous because no one did that for me!! My best Christmas EVER was the year I got my Barbie Dream House! It was kind of like the BB Gun in Christmas Story because Dad hid it in their room and acted like we were all done opening gifts. I was so caught up in all I had opened, I didn't even think of the BDH being on my list and not getting it. So, dad asked if I got everything I wanted and after some chatter, he opened the door to their room (which at that time was in our old house and right off the living room) and there sat my glorious, beautiful, pink Barbie Dream House!!!!! I still have it and I can't wait to play with it with my girl. (Cuz I know I'll have a girl some day!) Best Christmas EVER! Richie has asked if the year I got my engagement ring compares to that Christmas and I tell him yes to make him happy, but honestly, can a diamond compare to the BDH? I think not! HAHAHA!!!