Sunday, December 20, 2009

Post by Tony...


I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas season.  Rett is beginning to wrap presents as I type this.  She said I could do a post.  I figure anything to get out of wrapping presents works for me!!

Well, Rett has had a bunch of meaningul and "memoryful" (is that a word) posts.  This one, well, you know me, will have some random photos keeping you up to date regarding recent happenings.  Here they go!

We'll start with this scenic photo of the Jeep in late October.  We found this site taking a different route home from one of Rett's favorite restaurants, the Smokin Ox. 

Here we are on our Family Birthday mid-November.  We celebrated at the China Buffet just down the street. 

Here is random photo of Abby brushing her teeth. 

Here is a shot of Rett and the girls at Church.  We lit the Advent candle in front of the church this particular evening.  (Two pictures of Rett in the same post - let's see how long she let's this stay on here.)

Ok, no the girls did not get a perm nor do they have "naturally curly hair" (line from Charlie Brown Christmas).  This is what happens to Abby's hair when you take out the pig tails.

Here are the girls hanging out with a very large stuffed bear dressed as a snowman at Metamora.  We visit this little historic town every year during their Christmas celebration.

Here are the girls in the kitchen preparing Christmas gifts for some family members.

I am sure Rett will probably post in the near future something more entertaining, but for now, you get to put up with my randomness.  Have a Merry Christmas!



Mama 2 Ladybug said...

Your girls are so beautiful and they've grown so much!! You are all so blessed to have each other :)

Adeye said...

Yayeeee---family pics. How wonderful, Tony.
Rett---don't you DARE take the ones of you off. I'm coming back tomorrow to check :)