Thursday, December 10, 2009

OH, So Thankful!

Today, I am certainly thankful for my two cuties.  That Abby and Laney make me SMILE every single day.  They make me laugh, giggle, AND tear my hair out too!  Hahaha. Just want to use today's post to document some of the funny things they have been saying!

  • Whenever they get done in the restroom, we ask if they washed their hands or if they used hand sanitizer.  (Side note:  our girls will never know life before hand sanitizer or texting!  Wild!)  Well, they have morphed hand sanitizer into a new word.  They'll come in and say, "I HANITIZED!"  Creative!  We like it!
  • I never get to take the girls to school because I have to be at school earlier than they do.  Well, one day, Tony couldn't take them, so I had to run them to my sister's house so they could take them (her granddaughter Addison goes too!)  Well, en route to her house that is about fifteen minutes away, I realized I had forgotten their backpacks.  I said, "Oh man!  I forgot your backpacks, girls!"  To which Abby replies, "Baba doesn't forgot!"  I know, I know, he's perfect!  They  later told him he's "right" because he never forgets the backpacks!  Grr!
  • When we were crossing the parking lot heading into church Sunday, a woman yelled across the aisle, "Your girls always look so cute!"  Then Abby turned to me and said, "See!  I TOLD YOU!"  I grinned and said, "Told me what?"  She replied, "That I'm cute!"  Bwhahahah!  And modest, sweet girl, so modest!
  • Last night, Tony told the girls it was time for bed.  Laney asked why?  He said, "Laney, I'm tired!"  She answered with, "Yeah, well, I'm NEVER tired!"  Amen, sista!
  • Their endless Christmas carol singing is SUCH fun.  I love, love, love it! Really!
  • Laney insists Santa needs chocolate milk.  Thanks, Max and Ruby!
  • Laney's new phrase, "Woah, there!"  Funny!
  • Because Abby doesn't always pronounce everything clearly, we often ask her to repeat it.  Music is one of those words.  We started over-annunciating it.  Muuuuzzz-iiikk.  She now says, every single time, "May I listen to my Christmas muuuuzzzz-iiikk?"  Hey, at least she says, "May I"!

I'm sure there are more, so I might update with more later!

Thank you, Jesus for my daughters!   



Chris and Sarah said...

Thank you Jesus for my future daughter in-law. I really do need to bring home another little boy so they can both be in the family =)

Adeye said...

Oh I see Sash has it ALL organized. Mmmm---which one will her sweetie pick? Yep, she HAS to get another son :)

We LOVE Max and Ruby too.

What a blessed mama you are, dear friend.

Love you.

Samantha and Woody said...

It just gets better and better doesn't it!