Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Twelve Days of Christmas-Tree

Day, Um, Not Sure-The Best Christmas Tree

So, do you like real trees?  Are artificical more your style?  Me, you ask?  I prefer live trees.  The smell, the search for the perfect tree, the sap, the scratchy needles, the freezing while waiting to cut it down, the needles all over the floor.  Hehe.  Really, I do love all there is to love about getting a live tree. 

When Tony and I first got married, we bought live trees.  However, we did one step more.  We got the kind you could plant afterward.  They were HEAVY, but so nice to create a natural privacy fence!  Oh, the memories!  LOVE them!

Since we have lived at this house, we have had artificial trees.  Our one upstairs matches the decor in our living room.  This was something my mom has always done!  And our downstairs tree has the family ornaments and is more homey.  I love it. 

But this post has me thinking.  Next year it would be big fun to go and search for a tree.  I think we're up for it with the girls. 

So what about you?  Come on, Sarah.  Share about your delimma about Christmas trees when you were first married to Chris.  I remember, do you?

Happy Saturday!  The big guy in red is making final preparations!!!



Chris and Sarah said...

Too funny! OK, it's too late now but I'll do a post about it tomorrow =)

Adeye said...

We have always had the artificial kind--but just a few days ago we decided that next year is THE year--real tree here we come!!!

Anonymous said...

I love getting a live tree, no matter how cold it is, running around finding just the perfect tree for us. Thank goodness Tony is patient with me when looking for a tree. The worse part about a live tree is the needles left behind, but i try not to think about that until after Christmas is over. We use to have a fake tree, I could put it up and take it down myself, but a live tree is best, different every year!