Friday, December 18, 2009

Twelve Days of Christmas

Day Seven--What Christmas Means To Me

Wow.  A deep question for a Friday.  Man.  Hmmm.  Ok people, I'm going to get deep, because Christmas means so much.  It means that God loved us enough to send his son!  Sent Him knowing the end of the story!  Knowing about the crucifixian.  Now that I'm a mother, that is so profound to me.  I mean, I understand the reason.  I understand that He rose again.  But, people, the death.  Knowing that.  Amazing.

But knowing the WHY behind the HOW is what helps us celebrate this season with JOY!  He sent His Son to SAVE US!  That little baby boy would SAVE the world.  Would SAVE me.  Me.  I was worth that?  I have to trust that I am worth that.  And that's why I need to remember this Christmas to live my life in such a way to be worth that

Does any of what I'm saying make sense?  I mean, yes, it means family and treasuring one another.  But oh baby, the meaning is SO much more than that!  I'm in awe over the birth of Christ.  Not the setting or situation, but the future impact of His birth.  A-maz-ing. 

So, what does Christmas mean to YOU?



Mark and Melanie said...

Awesome post Rett! SOOOO true!

Adeye said...


In total awe right there with you, my dear friend. He is so good! To think that He came---so that we may have LIFE.