Monday, March 08, 2010

Man of Steel!

So do any of you read "Adoptive Families" magazine?  I really like the information they provide.  Well, I had lost my latest issue for a few days and wondered where it went.  When I finally found it, I opened it up to start reading.  I always start with the reader's comments and "Thumbs-Up" and "Thumbs Down" page.  Imagine my surprise when I started reading a comment written, and it started like this..."We met our twin daughters when they were 22 months old."  I was like, HUH?  NO WAY!  We did too!  That's wild. 

So I read another sentence, then skipped to the reader's name and it was ME!  Bwhahahahah!  I had submitted a comment but didn't think it'd get published.  I was giddy!  Finally!  I'm published!  hahahaah.  Mind you, I have always dreamed about getting published in magazines.  I've written several articles, but always denied.  So, when I called my dad and told him that my comment was in there, he was like, "YAY!  You're published!"  Sweet man.  My parents share that same dream with me.  They hope to see my name in print some day.  God-willing, some day they will, and it won't be a measly comment!

OK, moving on...that had nothing to do with the post title.  Just a side note!  Anyway...

I need your help.  As you saw from my (obviously too long according to Sarah) list about my sweet hubby, our 11th anniversary is coming up.  I looked it up, and traditionally, it said steel is the material the gift should be made of.  Now, we don't usually follow this or anything, we're just trying to be affordable and creative this year.  So steel.   Steel?  Really?  Uh, weird.

I looked up a site w/ steel gifts and there are some pretty creative things.  Like, a steel woven wallet.  Steel rings.  But they're all ridiculously priced.  So then, I was thinking, how about something Superman.  I mean, after all, the guy in tights IS the Man of Steel, right?  And he shares a lot of characteristics with my husband.  Well, all except for the tights.  Tony doesn't do tights. 

But I just can't settle on anything.  So, I need some help!  What do you think?  Are any of you the creative type?  What should I get him?  (He probably won't read this, because he only reads it when he posts, or when I direct him to it to read.)

So thoughts?  Seriously.  HELP ME!



Jaime said...

i'm not sure how much this would cost in the long run... yu could drive to Metropolis, Illinois, the birth place of Superman and take his picture in front of teh HUGE superman statue and get some superman themed stuff from the gift shop....

Chris and Sarah said...

I say check ETSY!!!

I was so afraid you were going to buy him tights and I really don't like to picture that in my head.

By him something to paint on and paint. Forget steel give him something to use his gift of art and to let go of some stress.

PLease don't look up tights for him on Etsy.