Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Here I go with my numbered lists...

1.  Thank you for the comments yesterday.  I'm so thankful I don't walk alone in my struggle.  I'm also so thankful I serve a forgiving God.  I'm working on it. 

2.  Have I told you...lately...that I love you?  Ok, bad song reference aside, I really do love you all.  You have such open hearts.  You're such good friends.  I love that you'll listen/read and encourage/challenge me.  LOVE YOU!

3.  Note to self:  get a second job to support Etsy habit.  No, make that a second job to support Sarah habit who supports her Etsy habit.

4.  One of my students came home and hung out with us last night.  It was a great experience (for both parties, I think).  She wants to come back and spend some time with us again!  The girls loved her and she fit right in with us.  She gagged when I showed her guacamole.  Poor girl has never seen or heard of it.  She about flipped.  The girls dug right in and she literally gagged!  I told her if she is going to hang with us, she'll have to try some new foods.  She looked like that might be the deciding factor on coming back!  Haha!  Such a sweet girl who is naive in so many ways, and yet she has been exposed to far too much for a fifth grader.

5.  Note to self:  lose weight.  I could barely button my pants today.   Yikes.  (Yes, I heard you, it COULD be the guac that is making me fatter!)

6.  Tony is sick, poor guy.  Allergies.  They are directly from the devil! 

7.  The girls are learning about Jesus.  They want to know when they get to go to Heaven.  Laney told me she prayed and asked Jesus to come into her heart (hold the applause) but she didn't see Him go there, so it must not have worked.  hahahah!  So she's getting there, but not quite.  She'll understand soon.  They were able to tell us about the crown of thorns and Jesus carrying the cross.  One more reason I'm so thankful they're going to a private christian school.  (And yes, I'm a public school teacher saying that.)

8.  I only have two more days until spring break.  Can I get a woot woot!

9.  We have homegroup tonight.  So glad to learn about God with some of my bestest buddies.

10.  I still have orphans on the brain.  I'm praying for, asking for, begging for direction on how I can change the face of God's kingdom through orphan care.  What is my role?  Where does He want me?  What should I be doing more of?  Where does God see us in five, ten, twenty years in relation to orphans?

Ok, that's all I've got.  Just had to spill my brain!



Sarah said...

First of all we don't have homegroup tonight.

Did someone take over your blog? Is this really you? This is 2 posts in 2 days!

You served that poor child green, yucky stuff her first night. I agree with trying different things but you will eat anything so don't be too hard on the poor girl. Need me to bring her dinner?

OK, can't remember all the other things other than yes you are going to have to get another job.

Adeye said...

You are just such an amazing woman--do you know that?????

Love love love your precious heart. Sorry I missed you post yesterday--I'm drowning in my to-do list here :)

Sending you a HUGE hug tonight.