Friday, March 05, 2010


Did you know that I love my husband?  I do.  A thousand percent love him.  But, you, bloggy friends, don't really know Tony like I do.  Ahem, not that I want you to!  :)

Next week is our 11th anniversary.  I wanted to write a post about him today in order to free up the time for him to write a mushy loving post about ME next week.  Did you read that honey?  I'll get my post about you all out of the way, so you will have time to write, edit, tweak, and gush in a post about me next week.  BWHAHAHAHAHAHA.  Not likely.

Anyway, I DO love my man, and thought I'd let you get to know him a little better.  I KNOW it will make you want to peek over at his NEW BLOG when you're done!

Facts about Tony:

  • He loves God.  Even in high school everyone knew where Tony stood.
  • The skaters in high school called him Jesus.  It was said with respect.
  • He has mad love for cars.  
  • His first car was a 1969 Nova.
  • He taught me how to drive a stick in a different Nova.
  • That nova was lovingly referred to as, "The Turd".  I don't need to describe the color do I?
  • He used to own yet, an entirely different Nova.  (That's three if you've lost count)
  • He still owns the first Nova.
  • He also now owns a Nova station wagon.  Well, WE own that one.  She's my baby.  We named her Bulah.  (So he's owned four Novas so far)
  • He has a younger brother (also talented artist) and sister-in-love that we adore.
  • He has been and is the youngest member of our church board.
  • Tony is a gifted artist.  I mean, beyond gifted.  He just doesn't have the opportunity to use this gift often.
  • Tony is way creative. 
  • He saves parts from broken or disassembled things.  You know that weird bolt thingy that came off that spring thingy that was attached to that rod thingy?  Yeah, he kept all three when we threw the big thingy away.  AND, he has probably found uses for them all!
  • He is wild about his daughters.  He calls them "baby" which makes me melt.  
  • He LOVES Seinfeld.  Giddyup.  No more needs to be said. (Get the post title yet?)
  • Hate to admit it, but we both love Two and a Half Men.  We laugh until we cry.  
  • He digs any movie with Clint Eastwood.
  • He knows more about city, county, and state government than most people do.
  • He learned serious work ethic from his parents who owned a service station for many years.
  • He does oh, 95% of the housework (according to HIM).
  • He "gets" politics and some strong opinions about it.  The current president infuriates him.
  • He is probably one of the smartest people I know.
  • He LOVES Jeeps.  We have three.  (Wrangler, Cherokee, and 4-door Wrangler)  Used to own a different Jeep (Liberty).
  • He rolls his eyes when I tell him I am ready to adopt again.
WOW.  Ok, so maybe that was more than you needed to know.  But it's easy to talk about him.  We've been together for nearly 20 years.  I honestly could have written dozens more, but I won't.  :) 

ANYWAY  (Note, I did not say, ANYHOO-I HATE that. HUGE pet peeve, I'm just sayin') have a creative release (since he works in government), he started his own blog!  Please take a minute to head over there and leave a comment.  Ooooh, and if you would become a follower, I am sure he'd be pumped!

Like I said, he's all about cars, but I'm hoping he'll put some of his artwork on there too.  He has serious talent.  And he is a great writer, so the blog should be pretty great.

Thanks for listening to me rave about Tony.  I adore him!  I'm SO thankful that Jesus created us for one another.  Happy anniversary, Tony!  I love you!



Tony and Rett said...

I left out that he's HOT! Add that one to the list!

Chris and Sarah said...

Goodness at least you left out how much butt hair he has (Adeye don't read that)!

OK, I totlally love your family thingy at the top.

I can't believe he started a blog. How in the world is he going to find time for that?

Chris and Sarah said...

By the way he is an amzing artist and we are lucky enough to have had him paint our nursery. Tony, I know you'll be reading these so you need to quit your job and paint murals!!!

The Thomasson's said...

What a sweet post Rett!
I plan to have another room that needs a mural like paiting soon Tony...So I can get you started in that new career!

Adeye said...

Yep--don't forget to say that you think he is completely HOT--that is sure to get you a few brownie points :) You know the male ego huh????

You guys are soooooo sweet :)

Cammie Delph said...

Thanks for reminding about all the things I love about my cousin. Here's a fact that I think should be added on: He wore a pilot's cap from about age 5 til around 14 years old. We thought for sure he'd be bald by the time he graduated high school. He also hated blowing his nose, he would have rather sniffed it all back up into his sinuses. We had some fun times prank-calling the Rubles across the street. Oh, so many more! I'll quit now, you'd think I was at a funeral!