Friday, September 18, 2009

Flashback Friday

It has been a while, but I wanted to do a fun flashback Friday today!

Is it sad that I can remember the exact lyrics to this cartoon that I used to adore?

Is it sad that my cousin, nieces, and friends of our ours would sit around and practice said song and tape record ourselves?  This cartoon and doll set once boasted a contest where the best singing group could rerecord the song for the show and we thought for SURE we'd get to do it.

Is it sad that I wanted to dye my hair pink just like this main character?

Is it sad that I thought I'd grow up to be part crime fighter, part rock star?

Is it sad I wanted an alter ego like this main character?

Of course I'm talking about JEM and the Holograms!

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Now, just to prove how pathetic I am...the song...straight from my memory!

Jem!  Jem is excitement!
Ooooh, Jem!
Jem is adventure!
Ooooh, Jem!

Glamor and glitter,
Fashion and Fame...

Go ahead, laugh.  I don't care.  I still want to be Jerrica Benton, owner of Starlight Music.  And, her alter ego, JEM!  And I want back-up singers like the Holograms!

Can anyone name the holographic computer chick who helped Jerrica out?  I can! 

Oh man, this trip down memory lane is fun!  I loved so many Saturday morning cartoons....those were the good ole days!



Chris and Sarah said...

Must have been something my parents didn't like because I don't remember Jem.

Adeye said...

Oh my word--who the heck are they???? I am definitely from another country (or planet). I have never heard of them in my life :) HELP!!! I will take the pink hair though--just for fun!

IzzyBeth said...

Synergy? I loved this show too!

Anonymous said...

We didn't see many of these cartoons at our house, how about ninja turtles?

Heather Shelton said...

MY FAVORITE!!!! I just got the book from the library a while ago so my children could put a face with name 'Jem'. "Whoooooa Jem, is truly, truly, outrageous"!

Anonymous said...

"Synergy, can you help me?" all asked while holding on to the starburst earring! Jem is truly outrageous, TRULY, TRULY, TRULY outrageous! I loved playing with my Jem and Rio dolls. Jem was (in my world) Barbie's cooler but butch older sister. Jem could not fit into Barbie clothing, which was sad. Barbie even stole Jem's boyfriend, Rio...I think it was the purple hair. Not to be outdone, though, Barbie/Mattell came out with Barbie and the Rockers. Not as good as Jem!

LOVE the FLASHBACK! It is truly outrageous!