Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Here's a sentence I never thought I'd say...I mean, what are the chances this situation could actually happen?

I am thankful that the Saunders family spent half the night with us! 

(They got in about midnight, through the humidity and fog.) 

Uugh.  didn't get me cropped out in time, but here we are!  Friends new and old.  Thank you, God!

As unreal as it may sound...and as much as Satan didn't want it to happen, Linny, Dw, Graham, Emma,
Liberty, Isaiah, Elizabeth, and Elijah spent the night at OUR house last night!  The poor things, after terrible RV trouble and driving for days on end, got stuck staying in our basement on air mattresses.  But seriously, who HAS that many beds???  Hahaha.

Here was a United Nations meeting in our living room.  All surrounding a Little People metropolis.

We had the best time, albeit short, with their family.  Every single one of them is so special. They have tender hearts, sweet smiles, and a passion for God.  I am so proud to call them friends.  (Even IF Dw thinks it's weird!)

I know this has an arm in the shot...but I HAD to show you Isaiah mid-throw.  This game resulted in four kids chucking 200 balls all over the basement!  FUN!  And I mean that!

Liberty is just darling with the little ones, and a chatterbox--MY kind of girl!  And Emma fits into her role as big sister like a perfect little Mama. Graham's quiet charm is endearing, while Isaiah's smile could melt any cold soul! Elijah and Elizabeth fit in so comfortably here that it would have been fine by me if they just stayed!!! And Linny and Dw...they make it all look easy.

Elizabeth rockin' out on the harmonica!  Yes, the same one that at least five kids shared! 

AND...Dw made it out alive!  No felons here!  AND, there were NO ducks on tables here, Graham.  Unless you count the little, yellow, rubber kind.  

Sarah came over w/ her kiddos and so a great time was had by all.  Loud yelling, laughing, tackling, and cooking was going on in the basement.  PRICELESS!

Chris, Sarah, Jaxson, and Paige

Sweet Elizabeth cuddling the twin dollies.

To end our morning, we circled up in prayer.  These sweet people prayed for US, and like goofy fools, we didn't even pray for THEIR trip or safety.  But trust me friends, we have been praying since they pulled out in their RV in Colorado, and will continue to do so until they make it back home.

Thank you, God, for connecting us.  Sweet people.  Sweet memories!

Elijah thinking, "Maybe if I lay low over here, they'll just leave me be!"



Chris and Sarah said...

Oh my goodness, we did forget to pray with them (I think if I would have thought about it I might have even prayed)! I was just blown away at how they prayed for us.

I'm ready to head to Colorado and spend some real time with them.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rett,My how you have been blessed, with good friends both near and far. your faith and your big heart for people have made Tony and you a blessing to everyone you come in contact with as well as your own family being blessed by friends that you meet.MAY you always be kind hearted and keep GOD in your life.ITS a great thing to pass on to your girls. I love you all to the moon and back. your momma

Adeye said...

Oh wow--that is absolutely fabulous that you got to meet in real life!!! What a blessing from the Lord. So great to see pics too.

Soooooo amazing :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a great time! It's always good to spend time with good friends! Glad you guys could do that and hope that you can meet up again to spend time together!


Mom Of Many said...

We had an absolute blast - thank you for letting us "land with a thud"....thank you for your hospitality and graciousness! Not many would have a family of 8 for dinner, let alone overnight!! You rock sweet sister! Now it's your turn - Colorado's calling!! xo Love you bunches!