Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for these little girls. No, wait. EVERY DAY I'm thankful for these little girls. But today, I'll tell you about it. They just make me laugh.

I want to document some fun conversations that we have been having...

On the way to church last week, we heard the girls bickering in the back seat. Tony, at this point, tells Abby to ignore Laney (because every two seconds Abby was whining about what Laney was or wasn't doing). I further explained to Abby that ignoring meant not to listen to or pay attention to her. Two minutes later we hear this:

Abby: Baba, Laney is TOUCHING ME!
Abby: OK!

HAHAHHAHAHA! It was hysterical. We laughed and laughed and laughed!

We've also had two funny prayer time situations. The other night when Laney was finished praying, she ended with, "BYE!" and then caught herself, giggled, then said, "Uh, Amen!" :)

The next night, Abby said she wanted to do the bedtime prayer and so we all closed our eyes and she started off, "A, B, C, D..." We all peeked at each other and started laughing! Just a bit tired and confused, I'd say!


Goodness, God has spoiled us with these girls, and for that...I'm THANKFUL!!!!!

By the way, can you guess who is who in the picture?



Anonymous said...

Thats my girls,soooooo cute and smart too.LOVE THEM TO THE MOON AND BACK, GRANDPA AND GIGI

Chris and Sarah said...

Abby is on the right (OK, I know I'm probably wrong). I love that picture of them!

Anonymous said...

I think Abby is on the left. But it doesn't matter they are so cute!


IzzyBeth said...

I agree with Sarah - Abby is on the right.

Anonymous said...

Yes I can tell who is who!
We are all thankful everyday for these two precious girls. I keep their picture beside me at work so I can always see them. I love them so much.

Adeye said...

I have no idea who's who :)

Such precious memories you are making as a family, dear friend. I love reading about the cutest things they say :) Yes, you are sooooo blessed.

Allyson said...

Abby is on the left and Laney is on the right! I can recognize Abby's giggling face anywhere! :) Love them bunches!!