Tuesday, January 25, 2011

No Change...Yes Change

I started to title this post, "No Change".   But really, that wouldn't be true.

See, Rob and Ally went to the doctor yesterday and little Junebug's kidney situation has not changed.  His or her kidneys are still not functioning.  Sweet Robby and Ally are going to have to wait another week to see if there has been any changes to bring hope.

So, "No Change" for a title seemed accurate.  But then, I thought, no it isn't.  There have been changes.  People have been affected by little Junebug and by Robby and Ally.  Want to see the changes?  I'm going to list them in case they would stumble on my blog, and need encouragement.

Who has been changed?
1.  Robby and Ally.  They have been stretched emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  They have handled this situation with the grace that many (including me) couldn't muster.  When I would be upset and questioning God, they're thanking Him for being able to experience pregnancy.  When I would be begging for prayers, they are so humble and feel guilty asking for prayers.  They hate to ask others to pray when they know others may be dealing with equally as painful situations. 

2.  Because of them, I am changed.  My heart is softened.  I will be transparent here.  I am competitive.  I can be jealous.  I am human.  While I truly adore Rob and Ally, my feelings tend to get messy sometimes and I can feel those ugly feelings of competition and jealousy.  But little Junebug has helped me erase that.  I feel such love for this little baby.  And as for Rob and Ally, I've always loved them, but it has most definitely gone deeper throughout this.  I admire their strength and, in some ways, feel like they're the older wiser couple.  I want nothing more than to take this pain away and heal their hurt.  God is doing a big work in me.

3.  Friends and family are coming together to pray for a little one, who has yet to meet us.  People are uniting in a love for Junebug, Rob, and Ally.

4.  People throughout the states are praying for them.  There are people praying for this family that have never met them.  This shows me the love of the human spirit.  God is moving in this country.  And He is alive and well.  We see it and feel it in these prayers.

5.  As I explained to Rob last night, there may be people praying to our Father in heaven, who have not been able to speak to Him in some time.  They may have hardened hearts due to their own pain and past.  But, this little sweet baby has opened or reopened a line of communication with God.  A baby did this!

See, so many people have affected and changed by this little one.  By Junebug's parents.  Therefore, "No Change" just wasn't a fitting title.  "Yes Change" is more appropriate.

Can you see the change?



Mark and Melanie said...

So sorry that Junebug's kidney function hasn't improved. We serve an amazing God - He is present and connecting the dots even when we can't see the picture. Continuing to pray for all!

Andi said...

I believe Junebug is going to be ok...I have to believe that, its called "Faith". Rett, this family is lucky to have you; you talk about how much this child and this couple have changed you as well as others....you are also an amazing inspiration to others. You and Tony also change people's lives...I know, because both of you have made an impact on me.

Diane said...

This was very nice. We are definitely praying at our end.