Wednesday, January 19, 2011


PLEASE stand with me in prayer for my newest niece or nephew-to-be, Junebug.  My brother and sister-in-love are over the moon excited about their first child (as are we), but things are not going well.  Little Junebug's kidneys need to start working to produce some amniotic fluid, fast.  If not...well, there is no, if not.

We serve a mighty God of miracles.  Only HE can get those kidneys working properly. 

Please, Jesus.  Healer.  Thank you so much for the blessing of Junebug.  Thank you for surprising us all with what we thought would be nearly impossible.  But nothing is impossible with you, God.  Please touch little Junebug, still forming and growing.  We are selfish and want that little baby to be safe and healthy, and here with us.  Equip the doctors with knowledge and insight to be the best for Rob and Ally.  Please give them strength and peace.  We pray your will is for Junebug to continue to grow and be strong and healthy.  But, we trust you.  Your plan is ultimate.  Thank you for hearing our pleas.  Amen.

Please storm heaven with me. 



Chris and Sarah said...

Praying with you. I LOVE the name Junebug!

christina said...

Standing with you in prayer.

So Incredibly Blessed said...

Praying with you also.

Chris and Sarah said...

Thanks for commenting :)

Emails aren't the same, sorry. See how excited you got to see a comment???


PS Still praying for Junebug