Monday, January 24, 2011

Junebug, today is a big day for you!

Friends, today my brother and sister-in-love are going to the doctor to see how Junebug is doing.  It is absolutely necessary that little Bug's kidneys be working or starting to function by today.  Bug's parents have been totally leaning on God.  They trust him, as do we.  But, all the same, could you please pray super hard today?  Their appointment is at 3:00 (Hoosier time).  We would so appreciate those prayers.

Dear Junebuggie,

This is your aunt, Rett.  I'm not sure how God does it, but he created a wonderful miracle that is you.  And I am already madly in love with your little self.  I want to spoil you rotten!  I have already purchased things for you!  I want to be the house you run to for safety and love.  I want you to dish to me, when you won't share with anyone else.  I want to wrestle, and chase, and pray together.  I want to see the light in your Mama and Daddy's eyes when they meet you for the first time.  I want to get updates on all of your firsts.  Oh, Buggie, I love you so!  Work extra hard to show your Mama, Daddy, and the doctors your working kidneys today.  And, if your little organs aren't working...we will love you all the same.  You are a treasure created in the image of God.  Perfect in every way.

I love you,



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IzzyBeth said...

I am praying (and crying) right now. :-)