Friday, January 28, 2011

I Heart Adam Cappa**

***Updated!  See below!

First, thanks for the book suggestions!  A Hole in the Gospel is my  next read.  Then, Radical, for sure!

So are you curious about what my title means?

Well, have you ever heard of a musician by the name of Jeremy Camp?  I'm sure you have.  He is stinkin' awesome!  He has a tour coming up (woot, woot) that is even more awesome now!  It's more awesome because his opening act, is a good friend of mine, Adam Cappa.  You read that right, a friend of mine is opening for Jeremy Camp!

Adam is an awesome young man.  I say young, because he could almost by my son.  I said ALMOST.  Not quite though.  So it's totally acceptable to say he just happens to be stinkin' cute too.  Heheh, did I just say that?  I'm not lusting or anything, he's just a cutie patootie.  Wanna see for yourself?

See, told ya.

But even more than cute, Adam is a passion-driven, sold out, man of God.  He has a heart that yearns to be close to God.  You can see Jesus in him.  To top it iff?  He's humble.  Really humble.  And his singing?  Well, let's just say, I told him at some point, he WILL be doing a lullaby CD for my girls.  And preferably before they're 20, and don't need one.  Ahh, but he's busy, so I'll let it go for awhile.  .

He is floating back and forth from my hometown, to Nashville, where he just finished his third CD.  He has recorded with Jeremy Camp, and his music is so powerful.  I can get in a full state of worship listening to him.

Ok, ok, I've bragged enough...go ahead and do a search for him.  Listen in.  God is doing a big work in him, for sure.  I know Adam (who Stinker absolutely adores) is impacting Stinker's walk with Jesus.  She's learning so much from Adam and his example, and his lyrics.  He will be one of the reasons, we'll see her in Heaven one day. is one way to find him.  Or, do a search of F*ce*ook.  You will not be sorry, I promise.  If you email him, or FB him, tell him I sent you!

Then, look up the tour dates.  This will be one, you won't want to miss!

Jesus, oh Jesus!
You saved me,

***Stay tuned!  I'll be doing a separate post with a giveaway of one of Adam's current CD's!  



Chris and Sarah said...

I soooo agree about Adam!!! I also have a little 7 year old that thinks he is wonderful ;)

Chris and Sarah said...

HEY CAPPA! If you read this you need to give Rett a CD to give away on her blog. If you do I will post in on my blog too.

We miss hearing you sing at church :(

Nae Nae said...

So I was fortunate enough to see Adam, beca,use of Rett, through FC Wesleyan. I can honestly say when you hear Adam sing, I feel closer to God. He vibrates through you. Adam is amazing! And please get that lullaby CD made, Rett, I want to buy one!!!!

IzzyBeth said...

Yay Adam!!

Samantha and Woody said...

He sure is cute! If I were stinker I would follow him too!

Hayleigh said...

Adam is my biggest fan !

Hayleigh said...

Adam !
Adam is my biggest fan ever :}
I will be so giddy to see him in concert :}