Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Ho Hum

So, I'm back.  Took a LONG bloggy break and just soaked up my family over winter break.  I did NOT want to come back to work today, but alas, it is a must for now.

We will post some pictures from Christmas and from the girls' FIFTH BIRTHDAY party.  Five?  They're five?  It's just not fair!  The girls often joke with me about not growing up since I don't want them to.  Waaaah!  Five!

I have to leave on a funny note.  One particular night I guess our dog, Cooper, was getting on Abby's nerves.  She ended up saying, "Cooper!  You and I are gonna scrap!"  Bhwhahaahah. I say that ALL THE TIME!

Oh, and when I told the girls their bickering was getting on my last nerve, Stinker piped up and said, "How many nerves DO you have?"

Two five year olds, and an eleven year old.  Can you say gray hair?  Can you believe I even want more?  (Kids, not gray hair!) ha!


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What a great blessing!