Thursday, January 27, 2011


I am reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan right now.  Yeah.  God is doing a new work in me, for sure.  But I have to share a WOWZA from yesterday.

I had just finished reading a chapter during my lunch hour.  In that chapter, Chan had just talked about living simply.  Living with less.  Giving more away, and loving more. 

So I was with less.  Downsizing.  Doing more with less, etc.

I literally, turned off my phone (use my Kindle app to read it) and opened my email.  My sweet sister sent me an email about an amazing, huge home that is for sale.  Um, helllllo temptation for Satan much?

What was the NEXT email that popped up?  "First steps toward buying a NEW CAR!"  Needless to say, I closed out email for a while.

Isn't that nuts?



Adeye said...

LOVED Crazy Love. You absolutely have to read The Hole in our Gospel next! Incredible book, friend.

Chris and Sarah said...

That is crazy!

Shelly said...

Read & discussed that book for a Bible study last year. We watched corresponding videos from Chan also and there were nights I couldn't go to sleep just thinking of all the possibilities he suggests. Definitely one of those uncomfortable books that awakens you convicts you and scares you all at the same time. :) Radical is also a great book in that same vein - written by David Platt.