Monday, January 17, 2011

I Have a Dream...

...that someone will RESCUE this little boy from a life of sickness, lonliness, and lack of love.

He has already been transferred to an institution, people.  Do you hear me?  He is the same age as Abby and Laney.  Has the same tender thoughts and questions.  Longs to be loved.  To be read to.  To be tucked in. 

God, please!  Send someone to rescue him! 

Are you his family?  Do you know someone who is? 
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Adeye said...

Oh, trusting with you friend. Surely someone will GO????? Breaks my heart.

So Incredibly Blessed said...

I visited that website. Wow. Absolutely heartbreaking. Spreading the word is a step in the right direction for these children, so thanks so much for posting this.