Friday, January 14, 2011

...a brewin'

Something's a brewin'.  I can feel it in my bones.  God is calling us to something.  I'm not sure what yet, but you can bet I'm listening.  Since I'm a "DON'T look before you leap...just leap in faith," kind of person, I've been trying to hint that there's something a brewin' to Tony.  He's the "Look, pray, calculate, pray, figure out, make a list, pray, then leap," kind of person.  I love that about him.  Most days.  He balances me.  He's my yang.

But this time...I'm afraid God's going to say, "Leap. Now. Or miss out."  And who knows?  It might be anything from witness to someone I haven't, or financial focus, or reorganize our life and refocus, or adopt, or move, or oh, who am I kidding?  God's plans are always way better than any I can dream up.  I just know something's a brewin'.  God has been working on me. 

Oh, God, prepare our hearts.  Prepare the hearts of Abby, Laney, and Stinker.  Prepare the hearts of our family.  I'm so not sure what You have planned, but here am I, send me.  Continue to work in my heart and mind.  Continue to knit Tony and I together.  And please, God, make you plan clear and obvious, for our brains tend to muck things up.  Thank you for choosing us.  Equip us with what is needed to serve you.

Will you pray too?

To end, I read this quote this morning.  So powerful.

He has right to interrupt your life. He is Lord. When you accepted Him as Lord, you gave Him the right to help Himself to your life anytime He wants.

Henry Blackaby



Chris and Sarah said...

Praying for God to reveal his plans for us too and I love that quote too.

Finally I was able to read this post ;)

Adeye said...

Standing and trusting with you that God will speak loud and clear...and you would know that you know what He is calling you to next. So exciting.

dmk said...

Yes, I'll pray too...
What a wonderful quote - it's so true.

Mark and Melanie said...

Praying for clear pathways for you! I LOVE that quote - hope you don't mind... I am going to use it on our blog.

Anonymous said...

Whatever his plans are, maybe not be necessarily a plan for all the family but maybe he wants to do something through you.